Submitting claims online is quick and easy - and can be done at any time in your online Member Centre. To get started, you'll need to get logged in. Navigate to your Member Centre at your custom URL. If you've forgotten that URL, you can also login at

If you've forgotten your password, just click the Forgot Password? link, under the boxes where you enter your email address and password. You'll be redirected to the password reset function - simply enter an email address registered to the account and password reset instructions will be emailed to you. 


Now that you're online

Once you'e logged in, you'll land on your dashboard. From this page you'll be able to start a new claim. Just click on the + New Claim button. 

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The New Claim page will open. This will take you through the steps to enter the receipt details for any eligible medical expenses. 

Step One

Service Details: Select the general service type from the drop-down menu. 


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Step Two

Provider: Select one of your existing providers or add a new provider. When adding a new provider start by entering the company name or address and, if found on the map, select Use This Location. If the location can't be found check the box marked I can't find my provider on the map and enter your provider details manually.


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Step Three

Member/Dependants: Select who the claim is for, yourself or one of your dependants

Receipt Number or Identifier: Enter the receipt number, statement number or prescription number

Receipt Date: Enter the service date of the procedure or payment date

Receipt Amount: Enter the amount on the receipt

Amount to be Claimed: Enter the amount you want to claim. If a primary payor has reimbursed you for a partial amount, enter the amount not reimbursed by them. CRA does not allow you to submit a claim and receive payments from 2 payors.

DIN (for Prescription Drug claims only): Drug Identification Number - this can be found on your official prescription receipt provided by your pharmacy

Receipt Image: This is where you can upload receipts. Just a note, we do require receipts for any single receipt over $1,000.00. Our Claims Team may also request receipts if they require more information to process the claim. Always save receipts in case they are required at a later date.


claim detail.png


Step Four

Combine Receipts into one Claim

You can combine receipts into one claim submission by using the +Add New Expense button on the bottom left of the Update Claim page (circled in red in the image below). Once you've added all your receipts, then you're ready to hit the Submit Claim button.

add new expense.png

Step Five

Save for Later or Submit

Don’t have all your receipts handy? Maybe you’re planning to visit the dentist tomorrow but want to get your other claim receipts added to your claim?

Your claim saves automatically as a draft after saving receipts. When you log in again you can find your draft by clicking on View All Claims.

We won’t process the claim until you click the ‘Submit claim’ button.

Once the claim is submitted, we'll process it and you'll receive your reimbursement, which usually takes 3-5 business days.

Tips and Tricks

If you make a purchase through an online retailer, you'll need to indicate that company as the Service Provider. When adding the information, select the "I can't find my provider on the map" and input it manually. The website can be used as the address, and in the event the online retailer doesn't have a phone number, you can input your own phone number in order to save and continue to the next step!

Have an expense that you consistently need to submit a claim for? You can use our cloning feature to help populate the expense type and provider. You'll only be required to add the specific claim details like date of service and amount to be claimed. 


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