When do you need receipts for my claims?

Online claims

When you submit claims online from your Member Centre, we don't typically need each and every receipt for each and every medical expense.

When you're submitting online, we assume that you're submitting from information on a receipt provided by your provider and you understand that your records are subject to review by us or CRA. 

We trust our Members but there are times we'll ask for receipts:

  • Our Claims Team may request receipts if they require more information to process the claim. 
  • Our policy is to always request receipts for expenses submitted online over $1,000.00 so please be sure to provide those to prevent processing delays. 
  • We do random spotchecks to help Members avoid negative tax implications so don't be surprised when we periodically ask you to submit physical claim receipts for review.
  • For the same reason, it's our policy to review any single receipt for an expense over $1,000.00.

We provide a very handy tool to upload receipt images online at the time you submit your claim. It's just a quick scan or snapshot on your smartphone and a click of a button. There's great reasons to upload your receipts:

  • We'll keep them on record and accessible for the duration of your account with us and beyond. 
  • Since we do occasionally ask for receipts, uploading when you submit will help avoid followup or other processing delays.

If you don't upload your receipts, please keep original receipts and other claim documentation in your files as you may be required to show proof of the expense if Blendable or Canada Revenue Agency conduct a review. 

Manual claims

If you don't use your online Member Centre to submit claims you can also send them to us via email, fax, or mail using our manual claim form.

As noted on the form, we'll need a completed manual claim form, listing all of the claimed expenses, and because written claims are sometimes open to interpretation and are recorded with interesting handwriting, accompanying copies of the receipts are required. That will help avoid extra delays in processing and reimbursements.

In the case you become subject to a review by Blendable or the CRA to confirm eligible expenses, we encourage you to keep the original copies of receipts and submit copies or images to us. 


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