Can I submit an HSA claim if I don't have enough funds to cover it?


Normally, when there’s not enough funds in the account to fully reimburse the eligible amount of a claim, we’ll process a partial reimbursement immediately equal to the amount in your HSA (less fees/taxes).

Then, we’ll schedule a second partial payment when enough funds are available, or your Benefit period ends (whichever comes first), to reimburse the remaining eligible balance of the claim.

If you don't have enough to cover the full reimbursement and claim fee and you submit your claim vs saving it in draft, we will reimburse what we can and schedule another when there is enough in your account. 

We default to a maximum of two partial payments to save you a little bit of money, since the claim fee applies to each reimbursement.

For example, in Ontario: 

If you have $100.00 available in your HSA funds, and submit an eligible claim for $80.00, we'll reimburse the full $80.00.

Then, the total withdrawal from your HSA funds will be $83.67 ($80.00 + $3.25 fee + $0.42 13% HST).

But if you have $80.00 in your account and the claim is $100.00, we will reimburse $76.33 and deduct $3.67 for claim fee and taxes on the first reimbursement. 

When adequate funds are added to your account we'll deduct the remaining $23.67 + an additional $3.67 on the second reimbursement.  

If you'd like, you can also request partial monthly reimbursements - but don't forget, the claim fee will apply to each monthly reimbursement.

Alternatively, to save on multiple claim fees, as indicated above, you can save the claim in your Member Centre as a draft and submit it once enough funds are available in your HSA. 

If you want to give us specific reimbursement instructions, you can reach out to our Support Team who'll be happy to help! Otherwise, we'll default to scheduling a second partial payment when funds are available.



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