Dependants on your Health Spending Account explained

Note this article relates to dependant eligibility for Health Spending Account claims. Dependant eligibility guidelines for other features vary and are defined in the My Benefits section of your Member Centre or your benefits booklet for that feature.


HSAs are sooooo much more flexible than traditional health insurance when it comes to dependants. 

CRA allows for your tax free HSA funds to be used for any person related by blood, marriage, or law who is financially dependant upon you, the Member!

Who does that include?

  • spouses
  • children
  • step children
  • parents
  • in-laws
  • grandparents
  • cousins
  • and more...

The key is that the individual(s) must be financially dependant upon you in order to qualify.

For a common-law spouse to qualify as a dependant, you must have cohabitated (lived together) for the last 12 consecutive months.

Determining eligibility for claims

When you add a dependant to your account, the Effective date affects your dependant's eligibility on your benefit plan features.

Check out this Help Centre article on Managing dependants in your online Member Centre

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