Can I claim Health Insurance Premiums through my HSA?

We can definitely process your Health Insurance Premiums from a different plan (we understand we may not be your only one)! Whether it's a plan you pay for through your Employer, or an individual plan one of your Dependants may have, we've got you covered!

Employee Paid Premiums

If your employer offers a Health Insurance Plan, and you pay for it out-of-pocket (usually by deductions on your pay cheque), you can submit those expenses to your Health Spending Account. Keep in mind, only medical/dental portions are eligible!

What we need:

  • Copy of the breakdown - this will indicate how much each portion costs 
  • Indication that they are employee paid - usually indicated on your paystub
  • Amount you pay per month - we must have the breakdown of cost per month, to make sure your claims are reimbursed correctly!

Individual Health Plan Premiums

For example, if your spouse has an individual Sun Life Insurance Plan, you can submit the monthly premiums to your HSA for reimbursement. Keep in mind, only medical/dental portions are eligible!

What we need:

  • A copy of the breakdown - indicating the cost of each portion 
  • Your coverage period with that Insurance Plan
  • Amount you paid - if you pay monthly, we need to know how much you pay per month. If you pay annually, we need the coverage period to calculate your monthly costs. 

Provincial Health Plans

Premiums paid to Provincial Health plans, even if paid by you, are ineligible for reimbursement from your HSA. 

When to submit

When you submit is up to you! If you pay monthly, you can submit your claim each month after you've made your payment, or you can save them up and submit them at the end of your Benefit Period (see this article for more information on Benefit Periods). Keep in mind that Claim fees apply to each submission!

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