Understanding dependants for EHBs

This article is about dependants for Blendable's Enhanced Health Blend (EHB).

For Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) check out Understanding dependants for HSAs

Dependant guidelines for other features vary and are defined in the My Benefits section of your Member Centre or your benefits booklet for that feature.

Key concepts:

  • Your dependant can be your spouse or partner, and any children you have.
  • You can only add or remove dependants to your plan if a major life event occurs.
  • If you're adding a dependant, make sure your Plan Admin knows so they can adjust coverage.

What is a dependant?

A dependant is a member of your family who is covered under your benefits. This means that they are entitled to benefits you have and you can make claims for their eligible expenses.

The definition of a dependant varies depending on the benefit feature. This article explains dependants for Enhanced Health Blends (EHBs).

Who can you add as a dependant to your EHB?

You can add:

  • Your legal partner, whether that's a spouse or common-law partner
    • For a common-law partner to qualify as a dependant, you must have lived together for the last 12 consecutive months
    • At times, a separation or other type of agreement may continue to qualify a dependant spouse. If so, ensure you keep documentation on file in case of an audit or review by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  • Your children, including any step-children, who are supported by you, don't have a spouse or partner and aren't working full time.
    • Children are eligible until they turn 21, or up to 25 if they're full-time students.

In each case, your dependant must have provincial health care coverage in the province you live in.

When can you add or remove dependants?

You're able to add or remove dependants following a major life event. That could be:

  • You get married or enter into a common-law relationship
  • You get divorced, separated, or end a common-law relationship
  • You have a baby or adopt
  • Your child goes back to school
  • Your child graduates from school

When you add or remove a dependant, be sure to inform your Plan Admin. They may need to adjust your Class or Coverage.

How do you add dependants?

That's easy, check out this Help Centre article - Managing dependants in your online Member Centre

Determining eligibility for claims

When you add a dependant to your account, the Effective date affects your dependant's eligibility on your benefit plan features.

The Effective Date is the date the person became your dependant. For example, the date you were married or the date your child was born.

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