Making Group RRSP Investment Selections

Plan Members with a Blendable HSA Rollover or standalone Group RRSP have funds invested on their behalf with our partner, Assumption Life.

Making informed investment decisions is an important part of planning your financial future. This article explains the process.

The investment process

When it’s time to invest your funds in the Group RRSP you will receive an enrolment form from Blendable as an email coming from DocuSign. This is where you’ll provide your information, as well as select how your funds will be invested.

Once Blendable receives the completed enrolment forms we provide this information to Assumption Life so they can invest the funds appropriately.

After funds are invested, you will be able to review your investments in the Assumption Life Client Corner at any time.

Selecting your investments

The Group RRSP Enrolment Form lists the funds you can invest in. The funds include options with varying levels of risk and growth potential, as well as funds that focus on particular markets.

Assumption Life also offers their SmartSeries of funds. These funds are a simple solution for most investors. They're designed and adjusted based on a target date when the investor will need access to the funds. In this case, that would be the year you retire.

When making your investment decisions it may be helpful to consult Assumption Life's Fund Performance section for more information about how each fund is structured, what the costs are, and past performance.

Talk to your advisor

If you have questions about which funds to invest in, reach out to your Blendable Group Benefits advisor. They’ll be happy to discuss the options and help you make an informed decision.

Not sure who your advisor is or how to get in touch? Just say and we'll be happy to help!

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