None other than our fancy term for 'online account'.

  • Do you want to be able to view your balance anytime?
  • Do you want to submit and track claims online?
  • Do you want to view more information about your benefits? 
  • What about being able to access your Plan's resources online?
  • Need to update any of your personal details? 

An online account, or what we've coined as your online Member Centre, is a super easy, efficient, cost effective, not to mention green, way to utilize the conveniences of your benefits!

Who really wants to print and fill out a manual claim form by hand...only to scan and email, fax, or even worse...use snail mail to get the claim to us?

Submitting claims online through your secure online Member Centre not only saves time and speeds up processing, but also saves money on claim processing fees if they apply to your Plan.

While we know we've got some pretty captivating and engaging phone voices, we're sure you'd rather have access to your account details 24/7 and not have to awake us in the wee hours of the night to find out your HSA balance.

Use your online Member Centre!

  • It's secure
  • It saves time
  • It's accessible 24/7
  • It saves you money
  • It's better for the environment
  • It's easy to use

Not sure how to access your Member Centre? Reach out to us - we'd be happy to help you out!


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