What does it mean by "Funds exhausted for Benefit Period"?

Just like most traditional benefit Plans, HSAs also fall into a 12-month Benefit Period.

The intent is for Benefit Period funds to be used for the reimbursement of claims dated within the Benefit Period.

For even more detailed information, including examples, check out our article Health Spending Account Plan dates affect claim reimbursements.

That means if you've used up your funds for the current Benefit Period, you won't be able to carry forward claimable expenses from the current Benefit Period to be reimbursed using the next Benefit Period's funds.

We'd love it if we could, but we have to follow the sometimes pesky guidelines that the CRA sets out, in order to protect you from any possible future tax implications - and no one wants that!

We'll definitely reimburse whatever we can using current Benefit Period funds, and any outstanding balance will be ineligible if Benefit Period funds are exhausted.

This is when you'll see a claim note in the claim in your online Member Centre indicating "Funds exhausted for Benefit Period".



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