Health Spending Account claim eligibility guidelines


Your Health Spending Account provides tax-free funds to claim for reimbursement on eligible healthcare expenses. 

You know what makes this truly awesome? Normally, when you claim your medical expenses at tax time, they are subject to a spending threshold. But when your Plan Sponsor contributes to an HSA, as long as there are funds in your account, your eligible healthcare expenses are reimbursed using pre-tax income from the very first dollar spent. 


Here's the other good news...there are no plan limits on spending.

  • If you want to use all your funds for massages, it's your choice!
  • If you see orthodontic services looming in the future, you can 'save' up to pay for them.
  • If you have a healthcare plan, does it only pay a portion of an eligible expense? You can submit the unreimbursed amount to claim from your HSA.
  • If you have co-pays or deductibles on a traditional health plan, those are eligible for reimbursement.
  • Dispensing fees? Eligible!
  • Have a personal health plan for which you're paying premiums? The premium costs are eligible too!

The only limits are the funds available in your account.

Now you know, a Health Spending Account is more flexible than a traditional health Plan. That said we still have some eligibility guidelines to follow!

HSAs are guided by the CRA's guidelines for eligible medical expenses.

This Help Centre article has a reasonably comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of eligible expenses.  

You can view a complete searchable list of medical expenses on the CRA's website.

There's also eligibility guidelines for Medical Practitioners - you can view those guidelines here How do I know if my provider is eligible?

Not sure if something's eligible? Can't find it on the CRA website? Need more information? Let us know! We're always happy to help - just say!


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