How do HSA claim fees work?

Most Health Spending Account types are subject to a small claim processing fee for claim reimbursements. While some Plans have alternate arrangements, if your Plan includes one of the following features, a claim fee will typically be applied to each claim submission: 

  • HSA Classic 
  • HSA Select
  • HSA Rollback
  • HSA Rollover to RRSP
  • HSA Wellness Blend
  • HSA Wellness Exclusive

 The typical claim fees applied are:

$3.25 + tax for a claim submitted online

$3.75 + tax for a manual claim submitted by email, mail, or fax

$10.00 + tax for cheque reimbursement 

Note: these fees are subject to change without notice

Minimize claim fees and maximize your HSA

Claim fees are withdrawn from your HSA when a claim is reimbursed and reduces your available HSA funds. Use the tips below to keep your claim fees to a minimum. 

Save by combining multiple receipts

When submitting online, each time you click on the Submit Claim button, a claim fee is applied. Reduce claim fees by combining multiple receipts into a single claim submission. Instead of clicking on the Submit Claim button after entering an expense, simply click on the +Add More button. You'll then be able to add more expenses to the same claim! Once you've added all your expenses you can then click on the Submit Claim button.




Save by submitting claims online

You can save on claim fees by choosing to submit claims online. Manual claims require additional processing on our end whereas online claim submissions go straight to our Adjudication Team. Additional processing costs mean that we have to charge extra on manual claims. 

 See this Help Centre Article for tips on reducing time for us to reimburse your claim.


Save by choosing direct deposit - the greener option

Like online claims, choosing to receive claim reimbursements by direct deposit means we can avoid a bunch of paper and gas emissions to send and deliver manual cheque payments. 

Besides that, processing a manual cheque is costly. We are on a mission to keep our costs as low as possible which translates into reasonable fees. To encourage the greener and lower cost option, claim reimbursements issued by cheque are subject to an additional disbursement fee.

You can provide direct deposit details securely by clicking on My Benefits then Direct Deposit:



Save by choosing full vs partial reimbursements

Remember, claim fees apply to each disbursement.

If you submit a claim and don't have enough funds in your account to cover the entire claim and claim fee, you can avoid the extra fee by saving your claim as a draft until your contributions catch up to your claim amount. Once you've added the receipts you have on hand now, you can just close that claim.

To return to a draft claim, click on the big Claims button and instead of New Claim, return to existing claims.



If you submit it, we will still reimburse the full amount eligible - we will just schedule a future partial disbursement on the same claim (subject to an additional claim fee) once funds are available. This Help Centre Article has more detail. 


Have questions?

You can submit a support request by clicking on the support link via your online Member Centre. 

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