The Trillium Drug Program and Blendable Benefits

This article explains the connection between Blendable Benefits and the Trillium Drug Program. It contains links to Government of Ontario resources related to the Trillium Drug Program. Please consult these resources for additional details about the program and reporting requirements.

What is the Trillium Drug Program?

The Trillium Drug Program (TDP) helps Ontarians pay for eligible prescription drug costs which are high compared to their income.

Ontarians who qualify will pay an annual deductible, then up to $2 for each drug that is filled or refilled until the end of the program year.

What’s the impact of Blendable Benefits?

The TDP is designed to work alongside other insurance or coverage that pays for prescription drugs. When applying, individuals must report all insurance, including Health Spending Accounts, that provides prescription drug benefits to any or all of their household members. 

This means that when applying for the TDP, individuals with a Blendable Health Spending Account (HSA) or Enhanced Health Blend (EHB) that includes drug coverage must report this as part of the application.

The TDP is available for individuals who do not have an insurance plan that pays for 100% of their drugs. This should mean that based on the limit of funds in an HSA, or the cap on drug claims reimbursed through an EHB, Blendable Plan Members should qualify for some payments through the TDP. However, we have not yet received a formal answer from TDP confirming the impact.

Where can I learn more?

The Trillium Drug Program webpage and Guide to Understanding the Trillium Drug Program have more information about the program and application process.

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