Welcome to your Blendable HSA Benefits!

Your organization has partnered with Blendable to provide a benefits plan that gives you flexibility to pay for healthcare expenses the way you want with a Health Spending Account.

What is a Health Spending Account?

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is like a bank account you can use for eligible medical expenses. Simply pay for the expense, submit the receipt online, and you’ll be reimbursed in a few days by Direct Deposit.

The funds in your HSA are yours to use as you see fit. There are no limitations on service type or practitioner, and the HSA will cover the full amount of your expense (there are no copays or deductible) if you have funds available. Any expense that’s eligible under the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Medical Expense Tax Credit is eligible to be reimbursed using your HSA.

What happens to unused funds? What other benefits do we have?

Full descriptions of your HSA and any other benefits included in your plan are in your Member Centre. If you have questions before you get access to your Member Centre, contact your Plan Administrator.

How do I get access to my benefits?

You’ll receive an activation email from Blendable shortly with a link to your online Member Centre to get setup. Just click the link, follow a few quick steps to confirm your information, and you’re all set!

With Blendable there’s no need to fill out paper forms or hang on to PDFs or booklets. Once you’re setup you’ll find all the details about your benefits plan in your online Member Centre including:

  • Descriptions of your benefits and coverage;
  • Instructions for making claims;
  • The ability to update your dependants;
  • And more!

I’ve got questions. Where do I go?

If the tools in your Member Centre don’t answer your question, then check out the Blendable Help Centre. It has answers to the most common benefits questions including:

Don’t see your question answered there? Just say hello@blendable.ca and someone will be happy to help!


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