HSA Select - what you need to know

This article only applies if you have a Blendable HSA Select. Consult your Advisor if you have questions about what type of Blendable HSA you have, or the other features on your Blendable benefits plan.


The Blendable HSA Select is a unique feature to provide amazing HSA cost control and flexibility for incorporated individuals. This article describes what sets it apart, including:

  • The business owner's role as Plan Sponsor vs Plan Member;
  • What it means for you as the Plan Sponsor and you as the Plan Member; and
  • How the new HSA Select will work.

Plan Sponsor vs Plan Member

As an incorporated business owner, who is also the only person receiving contributions to their Health Spending Account you have two roles that you need to differentiate between:

Plan Sponsor

This is you the business owner. You're making decisions on behalf of the company and are providing a benefits plan.

Plan Member

This is you as the employee. You are actively at work in your business and the company is providing a benefits plan for you. You receive contributions to your HSA and make claims. 

How the HSA works for you as a Plan Member

Same great HSA advantages

The HSA Select provides tax-free funds to you as the Plan Member to use for your eligible medical expenses. There are no copays or limits on service types and providers.

You can manage your personal information and submit claims through the online Member Centre (use your custom URL, or head to https://login.blendable.ca if you can't remember it). Everything you need to take advantage of the HSA Select is at your fingertips from your computer or mobile device.

Your HSAs and balances

HSA Select

You'll receive contributions to your HSA Select which will be available for one year only (your Benefit Period). At the end of the Benefit Period unused funds are reset and credited to the Plan Sponsor Company. Learn more about how funds are handled at renewal.

HSA Classic

Some individuals previously had a Bendable HSA Classic before starting their HSA Select. If this is the case, you'll have two HSAs with their own balances, contributions, and benefit periods. Visit your Member Centre and click on Health Spending Account to view the details of each HSA.

Any funds remaining in your HSA Classic will stay there. They are yours to use for eligible claims. 

How we'll pay your claims

Any new claims will be paid using your HSA Select balance first. If you don't have enough funds in your HSA Select to pay the full amount of the claim and you have an HSA Classic we will use HSA Classic funds to pay the difference.

Once your HSA Classic funds have all been used only your HSA Select balance will be available to pay claims.

Learn more about how HSA dates affect claim reimbursements.

Bonus - Excess Medical Coverage

Included with your HSA Select is Excess Medical coverage for you and your family. Excess Medical is designed to provide support for unanticipated expenses. It goes above and beyond what your HSA would be expected to cover for things such as a catastrophic accident, a chronic medical condition, or a critical illness.

How the HSA works for you as the Plan Sponsor

Contributions to the HSA are tax-deductible for your business. 

Your Plan Centre (use your custom URL, or head to https://login.blendable.ca if you can't remember it), is where you manage your business information and review how your plan is set up.

How funds are managed

When you set up your HSA Select you chose either annual contributions or monthly contributions. We'll take payment based on that selection and deposit funds in the HSA.

At the end of the year (the Benefit Period) any funds remaining in the HSA will be reset. The HSA balance will be $0 and the unused funds will be used as a credit on future bills.

Still have questions?

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