Do I need to coordinate my HSA with other Benefits?

Good news! No tricky rules to memorize!

HSAs aren’t subject to coordination of benefit rules, since they’re not considered an insured Plan.

So, if you do happen to have another Plan (maybe your own traditional insured Plan, or your spouse/partner's Plan), you can definitely submit claims through that Plan first. Then you can submit any remaining balance left to be reimbursed through your HSA to get the most bang for your buck!

This means you'll potentially see your full expense reimbursed to you (assuming it's eligible and meets all date guidelines of course!)

If you’ve hit your maximum on your other Plan or if you already know an expense won’t be covered by your other Plan, you don’t need to submit to that Plan first to prove that it isn’t eligible. You can just submit directly for reimbursement through your HSA, bypassing your other Plan entirely.

If your Claim was covered 100% by another Plan, it means you've been reimbursed in full and there is nothing left outstanding. The total reimbursements you receive from all Plans can't equal more than the receipt amount. 

When submitting a Claim for a portion of an expense, it's helpful if you upload a copy of the Explanation of Benefits from your other Plan. This helps speed up the processing of your Claim in our system by providing all of the necessary details! 

A great benefit of an HSA is the flexibility to use your funds towards eligible expenses however works best for you!



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