How will my claim be reimbursed?

Claims will be reimbursed via direct deposit or cheque. You'll select which method you'd prefer during the setup of your Member Centre. For cheque reimbursements, you'll check a box in the setup. For direct deposit, we'll need you to setup your banking information. You can upload a photo of a void cheque, or the void cheque form available through your online banking portal.

Choosing to receive claim reimbursements by direct deposit means we can avoid a bunch of paper and gas emissions to send and deliver manual cheque payments. It's also a MUCH faster way to receive your reimbursements. Faster and better for the environment? Seems like an easy choice!

Check out this handy chart below for some helpful info. Clicking on the name of your financial institution will direct you to a link on obtaining your direct deposit info.


Bank/Credit Union Institution Number Digits in Transit Number Digits in Account Number Void Cheque
BMO 001 5 7 BMO.png
Scotiabank 002 5 7 or 12 scotiabank.png
RBC 003 5 7 RBC.png
TD Canada Trust 004 5 7 TD.png
Tangerine 614 5 10 Tangerine.png
CIBC 010 5 7 CIBC.png
Meridian 837 5 7 to 12 Meridian.png
Caisse Populaire 829 5 7 caisse .png
Manulife 540 5 7 Manulife.png
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