Why are HSAs better than regular health benefit plans?

We have nothing against regular health benefit plans (like typical insured plans) except we think (and know) HSAs are a more valuable benefit to both Members and Plans alike.

Don't believe us?

Just think about it - companies with private health coverage for their employees pay, on average, 30% MORE than those with HSAs!

That's because HSAs are 100% tax deductible, so the money used for healthcare spending is pre-tax money.

We've also said it before and will scream it off the rooftop again and again (okay maybe we won't actually scream it).... HSAs are also more flexible and personal than regular insurance, and will save the company AND employees money in the long run.

The beauty is, HSAs are great as a standalone benefit but are also just as great as a complementary benefit when combined with a regular benefit plan. 

Check out this article for more details about the benefits of an HSA!

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