Sorry to say There are limitations to how old you can be in order to be covered.

With an HSA you're free and clear. Your eligibility depends on your working status. Still actively working for your company? Great! You're still covered through your HSA.

Even after you retire, depending on the type of HSA you have, any unused funds may still be available to you until exhausted through eligible claims reimbursements. Not sure what type of HSA you have? Just reach out to us and we'd be happy to help!

However, for some of our Insured Solutions, there are age limitations.

How old is old?

You're covered for Group Travel until you're 65 years of age. Once you've reached age 65, you're no longer eligible (and your family isn't either since their coverage depends on the Member's age), BUT you might want to consider our awesome Excess Medical solution!

You're covered for Excess Medical until you're 70 years of age. Then once you've reached age 70, you and your family are no longer eligible.

What about Peace of Mind benefits?

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability (STD and LTD) benefits are also limited to age 65. Upon your 65th birthday you won't be covered for STD and LTD, but you'll still be covered until age 70 (but - disclaimer - generally with a reduced coverage amount!) for other Peace of Mind benefits like Life, Dependant Life, and AD&D if they're a part of your Plan.

Each Plan is a little bit different, but you can find your Peace of Mind benefit booklet (if applicable to your Plan) and all the details about your coverage, in the resources section of your online Member Centre.


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