How are Members 'classified' for an HSA?

It's really quite simple...according to the CRA, contributions must be fair and equal amongst classifications.

That means that Members on a Plan must all receive the same contribution amount OR the different contribution levels must be distinguished by classifications defined by the administrator/owner of the Plan. In Blendable-speak, that's the Plan Sponsor.

Classifications are pretty easy to define - we promise!

The most common classifications we see are by

  • job position
  • status (i.e part-time, full-time)
  • level (i.e. administrative, senior management, executive)
  • and family status (i.e. single, couple, family)

For an example scenario, everyone on a Plan can receive the same $150.00 monthly contribution and be within the Employee classification. On the other hand, junior level employees within the Entry level  classification might receive $100.00 monthly contributions, whereas senior level employees within the Senior classification may receive $200.00 monthly in contributions.

Again, classifications are defined by the Plan Administrator/Plan Sponsor and are meant to be a fair and equal delegation for all employees on a Plan.

Confused? Don't be! We're here to help and can even come up with some fun and unique classification levels if you really want...Cookie Monster Classification, Frankenstein Classification, Goofy Classification. See?!

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